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Fruit Roll Up Leech Fly Tying Tutorial


Pattern developed by ERFT friend Willy Self, this hands down is our favorite leech pattern. Incredibly effective in most any stillwater situation, also a proven winner when it comes to Carp. We like using STS dubbing for the body, but any combination of leech material can be used, just a matter of personal preference. Most effective sizes range from size 6-10 primarily black or olive in color. 

Material List

Thread - 6/0 Veevus

Hook - TMC 5263 or Ahrex NS110 For Heavier Gauge (Great Carp Hook) 

Tail - 1/8" Scud Back

Flash - Holographic Silver Flash

Body - STS Dubbing

Bead - Cyclops Bead


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  • Beau Bolton
Comments 1
  • Sandy Pittendrigh
    Sandy Pittendrigh

    Love this fly. Willy show us all his other patterns too?

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