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Vanilla Bugger Fly Tying Tutorial 0

The Vanilla Bugger is a unique pattern developed by Mark Boname for the North Platte river in Wyoming. This is an incredible effective pattern that will prove useful on both freestone and tailwater applications.
Material List:
Hook - TMC 9395
Flash - Krystal Flash
Body - Cream Furry Foam

Doug McKnight - Homeslice Fly Tying Tutorial 0

Doug McKnight of Yellow Dog Fly Fishing demonstrates a salty twist on his Home Invader ..... the Homeslice. Designed to target Tarpon, Snook along with a variety of other saltwater species.

Fruit Roll Up Leech Fly Tying Tutorial 1

Pattern developed by ERFT friend Willy Self, this hands down is our favorite leech pattern. Incredibly effective in most any stillwater situation, also a proven winner when it comes to Carp. We like using STS dubbing for the body, but any combination of leech material can be used, just a matter of personal preference. Most effective sizes range from size 6-10 primarily black or olive in color. 

Guest Tyer Jeremy Gilbertson - Articulated Goldie 0

This a proven pattern that provides a lot of movement and a color combo that successfully imitates number of baitfish that trigger a reaction. Take the time to crank a few of these out and give them a try. *** CORRECTION - Calf tail used in the video is actually bucktail ***

Dirty Water Smoken' Mirrors 0

Fly Fish Food - Low Fat Minnow 0