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Rock Creek


Rock Creek continues to drop in stream flows. There is still plenty of water in Rock Creek, but if you don’t get out and explore and find your fishing spots now, when are you gonna do it? Though Rock Creek may still be a little too fast to cross, it has definitely come down enough to find some decent Trout holding water. August means Dry Fly’s in Montana so put away your strike indicators for a month and enjoy a little top water action. Recommended Dry Fly’s include Parachute or Dave’s Hoppers as well as Pink Pookies in sizes #8-#10. A Parachute Madam X in yellow or Royal as well as gold or purple Chubby’s in similar sizing round out your Big Bug Dry Fly selection. Additional Dry Fly’s to fish this time of year include tan Caddis in a #14-#16, Pale Morning Dun’s or Yellow Sally’s also in sizes #14-#16 can all be effective during the dog days of Summer. Recommended Nymph patterns to fish on Rock Creek include your typical assortment of Stone Fly’s. Those patterns include Girdle Bugs, Rubber Legs, Red Fox Squirrel Nymphs or North Fork Specials in sizes #8-#12. Caddis Pupa, Caddis Half Backs as well as Pheasant Tails, Hares Ear, or standard Prince Nymphs will all fish on Rock Creek. Attractor Nymphs like Copper Johns, Lightning Bugs, Montana Prince’s in Blue, Batman or a Bloody Mary in sizes #12-#16 can be very effective for the Fly angler that likes to drift a little bling in order to bring a Trout to the hand.

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