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Fly Fishing Dicks That Click

        The rise of fly fishing social media has changed our sport in a way that can never be reversed. Old school fly fishing media back in the day was like 70’s porn. Way too many pubic hairs, horrible scripts and soundtracks all while being produced and distributed on grainy film footage. Present day fly fishing media is a lot like modern day porn. 

  • Beau Bolton

Fast Times At Gorilla High

 Fast Times At Gorilla High

They finally did it (grunt grunt). The Gorillas in our sport have turned our streamer wine into streamer beer that’s as flat and skunky as an unkept koochy. This isn't easy for The Foul Hooked Whitey to write as I myself am mostly all gorilla now. Unfortunately, something has gone seriously wrong with the younger apes in the streamer game. I like to call them the “Millennial Gorillas”. They are responsible for the dumbing down of fly fishing. Millennial Gorillas believe in a one-dimensional fly fishing philosophy that's more boorish than Igor from Revenge of the Nerds. 


  • Foul Hooked Whitey