Regional River Conditions


East Rosebud Fly & Tackle Fishing Report- August 31


Bighorn River

Current flow at the St. Xavier bridge, 3,250cfs. Current water temperature, 60F.


Flows are being reduced to 3,000cfs today.

Fishing is fair. Nymphing with worms, scuds, sow bugs, Hare’s Ear and Pheasant tails are top choices.  Hopper bite is mostly over. Dry fly action is difficult as fish are very selective on small tricos. You may find a pond or two feeing on black and or tan caddis. The early morning and evening are the best for dry fly action. Streamer bite has been spotty but fish are chasing small black or olive streamers.  


Dries: CDC Caddis 16 tan & 18 black), Elk Hair Caddis (tan 14 7 16), Hemmingway Caddis (18)

Nymphs: Shanafelt’s Carpet Bug (Tan with red bead), Gray Ray Charles sow bug, Hare’s ear, Pheasant Tail

Streamers: Thin Mint, Kory's Grinchblack Gallup’s Dungeon


Yellowstone River

Current flow at Livingston, 1,700cfs. Current water temperature, 59.2F.



River clarity is clear. Isolated rainstorms can temporarily muck up the conditions.

Fishing has been reported as fair to good. Terrestrials are still producing. Hoppers, caddis, and mayflies. Streamer fishing is good with yellow, black and olive varieties.



Dries: Chubby Chernobyl (Gold, tan, brown), Stimulator (orange, yellow & royal) Pink Pookie, Royal PMX, Dave's Hopper, Purple Haze

Nymphs: Squirmy Worms (red, wine, & brown), San Juan Worm (red), Pat’s Rubber Legs (brown, olive, black), Flexi Girdle Bug (Brown & Black), Girdle Bug (Brown & Black)

Streamers: Kory's Grinch, Thin Mint, Sex Dungeon (yellow), Articulated Sparkle Minnow, Coffey’s Sparkle Minnow


Stillwater River

Current flow at Absarokee, 663cfs. Current water temperature, 56.7F.


Water clarity is clear.  Fishing is fair to good. Dries, nymphing and the streamer bite are working. The hopper bite is fading out. Caddis patterns are the best bet. Steamer bite is on.

Dries: Chubby Chernobyl (Gold, tan, brown), Pink Pookie, Royal PMX, Dave's Hopper, Purple Haze, Hippie Stomper

 Nymphs:   Pat’s Rubber Legs (black), Flexi Girdle Bug (Brown & Black), Girdle Bug (Brown & Black), Psycho Prince (yellow, purple and blue), Batman (blue)

Streamers: Thin MintSex Dungeon (yellow), Articulated Sparkle Minnow, Coffey’s Sparkle Minnow


Boulder River

Current flow at Big Timber, 196cfs. River is low and clear. Reports have been fair. Dry dropper remains the ticket. Caddis, stimulators, beatles, and ants are solid choices. Top droppers are red Copper Johns, bead head Pheasant Tails, and blue Batman.




Dries: Elk Hair Caddis, Chubby Chernobyl (tan, purple, brown), Goddard Caddis, Royal PMX, Stimulator

Nymphs: Pat’s Rubber Legs (brown),Copper John, BatmanGold Ribbed Hare’s Ear, Pheasant Tails.

Streamers: Kory's Grinch, Coffey’s Sparkle Minnow, Kreelex Streamer


Rock Creek

Current flow at Red Lodge, 293cfs. Visibility is clear. Reports are that the fishing is good, especially top water action and big streamers.



Dries: Chubby Chernobyl (tan & purple), Purple Haze, Pink Pookie

Nymphs: San Juan Worm (red), Pat’s Rubber Legs (black), Flexi Girdle Bug (Brown & Black), Girdle Bug (Brown & Black), Prince Nymph

Streamers: Kory's Grinch, Kreelex Streamer, Coffey’s Sparkle Minnow, Galloups Dungeon