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While flies never expire, they do wear out though the course of a day’s fishing- if you’re good enough to keep them out of the bushes.  While the ‘ABC – Already Been Chewed’ fly can be exceptionally effective; sometimes it is necessary to trim a bug up- enter your old tying scissors.  

I like to keep an old set of Dr. Slick razor scissors, my preferred tying scissor, in my kit bag.  Not only can I trim a well-worn fly, but I can also trim a bug down to create a sparser profile. Why would I want to do that? FISH LOVE SPARSE FLIES!   

The trick is not to poke yourself.  I recently left an older set of razor scissors with a friend and I should have left him a thimble as well.  They poke. To mitigate this issue and to further extend the life of your scissors; you can create a sheath with plastic tubing and mono filament pulled from your vacuum.  

  • Pierce Oja

Tool Time 2.0 - Microfiber Cloth 0

I had a coach when I was younger that would continually remind me that, “If the ladies don’t find you handsome they better find you handy.” How that correlated to swimming still escapes me; however, it made me a better fisherman. Over the next few weeks I would like you to imagine your author as the Tim Allen of fly fishing as I present to you a multitude of gizmos and gadgets that belong in your angling program. 

This week’s tool is not so much a tool, but an item commonplace to the garage- the microfiber cloth. Cameras, phones, ‘cheaters’, and sunglasses are all susceptible to water spots and other various types of gunk, sunglasses especially. I’ve seen everything from ash, to sundried tomatoes, and even a little dried vomit succumb to the cleaning power of a microfiber cloth.
Where can I find this space-age technology?

Most retail establishments will have bulk packs of these in the cleaning or detail sections of the store, or you can order a lifetime supply on Amazon for twenty bucks. 

The trick is to actually have your cloth on you.

I suggest a slight trim of your cloths before you stash them; unless you purchase the smaller pocket sized ones (I did). But, for those who are slightly more economical, you can trim those to size. 

I like to keep a cloth in every jacket I own, the interior pockets are perfect for this. For the boat or your bag throw one in zip lock bag, or a dubbing bag if you want something a little more to size.
  • Pierce Oja