Tool Time 2.0 - Fly Revival


While flies never expire, they do wear out though the course of a day’s fishing- if you’re good enough to keep them out of the bushes.  While the ‘ABC – Already Been Chewed’ fly can be exceptionally effective; sometimes it is necessary to trim a bug up- enter your old tying scissors.  

I like to keep an old set of Dr. Slick razor scissors, my preferred tying scissor, in my kit bag.  Not only can I trim a well-worn fly, but I can also trim a bug down to create a sparser profile. Why would I want to do that? FISH LOVE SPARSE FLIES!   

The trick is not to poke yourself.  I recently left an older set of razor scissors with a friend and I should have left him a thimble as well.  They poke. To mitigate this issue and to further extend the life of your scissors; you can create a sheath with plastic tubing and mono filament pulled from your vacuum.  

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  • Pierce Oja
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