Thread Shredders — Nymphs


Flashback Hares Ear Fly Tying Tutorial 0

The Hares Ear Nymph is a widely used pattern that can be tied in a ny number of variations. One of our top recommendations simply due to the fact that it can imitate such a wide variety of insects. The most common colors being natural, black, and olive in a size range going from #08 all the way down to size #16.

Beadhead Pheasant Tail Nymph Fly Tying Tutorial 0

If there ever was an "essential" nymph to have in your box, the Pheasant Tail would easily make the cut. Dave offers a step by step tutorial on how to tie the Pheasant tail. This is a great pattern that is commonly tied in sizes 12-20 and imitates a wide variety of insects.

Material List:

Hook - Fulling Mill 5080

Bead - Cyclops Bead

Tail - Pheasant Tail

Body - Pheasant Tail

Ribbing - Small Copper Wire

Thorax - Peacock Eye

Wingcase - Pheasant Tail 


Snow Cone Midge Fly Tying Tutorial 0

Super simple pattern that is a staple in any stillwater box.
  • Beau Bolton
  • Tags: Nymphs

Twenty Incher Stonefly Fly Tying Tutorial 0

Dave demonstrates how to tie a 20 Incher Stonefly. Versatile pattern that is very effective on freestones. Can be tied in a wide range of sizes, most common being #10 through #14.

Material List

Thread - 6/0 Veevus

Hook - TMC 200R

Weight - .025 Lead Wire

Tail - Goose Biot

Ribbing - Uni Floss

Body - Peacock Eye

Back - Peacock Quill

Wing - Hungarian Partridge

Thorax - SLF Squirrel Dub

  • Beau Bolton
  • Tags: Nymphs

Guest Tyer Jeremy Gilbertson - Doc's Blonde Baetis 0

Montana Guide/Outfitter Jeremy Gilbertson tying one of his go to Baetis patterns for fishing Montana's Bighorn River. 

Material List

Thread - 14/0 Veevus

Hook - Firehole 321

Tail - CDL Fibers

Back/Wing Case - 1/8" Scud Back

Flash - Holographic Tinsel 

Wing - CDC Puffs

Barr's Crane Fly Larvae Fly Tying Tutorial 0

Dave offers a brief introduction to fishing Crane Fly patterns along with some insight into their habitat. 

Material List

Thread - Uni 3/0

Hook - TMC 200R

Weight - .025 Lead Wire 

Tail - Para Post 

Ribbing - 3X Mono

Dubbing - Sow/Scud Dub