Thread Shredders — Beetles/Ants


Flying Ant Fly Tying Tutorial 0

Simple ant pattern that combines sparkle yarn, squirrel dubbing and a bit of grizzly hackle for a deadly combination. Primary colors are cinnamon and black that fish effectively in our region from late July into August.

Material List

Thread - 8/0 Veevus

Hook - U-Series U001

Wing - Sparkle Yarn

Legs - Micro Silicone Legs

Body - SLF Squirrel Dubbing

Hackle - Grizzly Dry Fly Hackle

Sunken Ant Fly Tying Tutorial 0

Many will argue that ant imitations are some of the most effective summertime freestone patterns. With a little bit of thought put into the design, the patterns really do not have to be anything elaborate. Over the next couple of videos we will show you a couple of simple yet effective ant patterns that you can add to your arsenal.

Material List

Hook - U-Series U001

Thread - 8/0 Veevus

Body - SLF Squirrel

Hackle - Hen Cape

Bug Skin Beetle Fly Tying Tutorial 0

The Bug Skin Beetle is a very versatile, realistic pattern that is a simple quick tie. Developed by a world renown fly designer A.K. Best, while many of his patterns are unconventional ..... few can argue their effectiveness.

Material List

Hook - U-Series U001

Tail - Hen Hackle Tips

Body - Superfine Dubbing

Hackle - Rooster Hackle

Shell - Bug Skin