Thread Shredders — Dry Flies


Quigley Cripple Fly Tying Tutorial 0

Bob Quigley developed this pattern back in 1978 while fishing the Fall River in Northern California. The Quigley Cripple represents a mayfly emerging from the nymphal shuck. It can be tied in a range of colors/sizes to match your local hatches.

Egg Laying Caddis Fly Tying Tutorial 0


The Egg Laying Caddis is one of many effective patterns developed by Craig Matthews of West Yellowstone Montana. Craig Matthews patterns are standard fare and commonly used on lakes, rivers, and spring creeks in the Yellowstone area.

Klinkhammer Callibaetis Fly Tying Tutorial 2

Dave demonstrating a variation of Callibaetis tied on a Klinkhammer style hook. 

Material List

Thread - 8/0 Veevus

Hook - Daiichi 1167

Tail - Pheasant Tail

Body - Turkey Biot

Post - McFlyon/Krystal Flash

Hackle - Whiting Dry Fly Hackle

Thorax - UV2 Dubbing

Parachute Adams Variant Fly Tying Tutorial 1

Pretty hard to top a classic, but the variations are endless. Dave puts a twist on it by using CDL fibers for the tail and turkey biot for the body.

Material List 

Hook - TMC 100

Tail - CDL Rooster Cape

Body - Turkey Biot

Post - McFlyon & Krystal Flash

Thorax - UV2 Fine & Dry

Jack Cabe Fly Tying Tutorial 0

If you had "just one fly", this is a classic that many anglers would pick without a second thought. Incredibly effective as a caddis/hopper imitation and commonly used on many of our freestones.
Material List
Thread - 6/0 Veevus
Hook - TMC 5263
Tail - Deer Hair
Wing - Calf Tail

Rusty Spinner Fly Tying Tutorial 0

Commonly fished in sizes ranging from #14-#22 from April all the way into October here in Montana.

Material List

Hook - TMC 101

Tail - Mayfly Tails

Body - Goose Biot

Wing - Clear Sparkle Yarn

Thorax - Superfine Dubbing