Thread Shredders — Hoppers/Attractors


Letort Hopper Fly Tying Tutorial 0

In this fly tying tutorial Dave discusses the Letort Hopper and covers a bit of its background. Ed Shenk developed this killer little hopper back in the 60's. It is a proven hopper that has a delicate presentation which is very effective on spring creeks, sloughs and slow water areas.

Jack Cabe Fly Tying Tutorial 0

If you had "just one fly", this is a classic that many anglers would pick without a second thought. Incredibly effective as a caddis/hopper imitation and commonly used on many of our freestones.
Material List
Thread - 6/0 Veevus
Hook - TMC 5263
Tail - Deer Hair
Wing - Calf Tail

Chubby Chernobyl Tying Tutorial 0

One of the most popular hopper/attractor/stonefly patterns on the market. Originally developed by a fly tying distributor Idylwilde, this is a simple yet highly effective pattern. In this video we are tying one in black/purple, yet various stonefly patterns can be very effective. Micro versions of this to imitate ants/beetles have also been very effective.

Material List

Thread - MFC 3/0

Hook - TMC 5262

Flash - Krystal Flash

Underbody - Evazote Foam

Body - Ice Dub

Underwing - 2mm Crosslink Foam

Wing - McFlyon

Pink Pookie Hopper Fly Tying Tutorial 0

Regionally famous pattern developed the Reiner family of Hatchfinders Fly Shop in Livingston Montana. Anyone who knows East Rosebud knows that this is one of our favorites!! 

Material List

Hook - TMC 5263

Thread - UTC 70 Denier

Body - 2mm Foam

Underwing - Deer Hair

Wing - 2mm Foam

Legs - Barred Sexi Legs

Yellow Stimulator Tying Tutorial 0

The Stimulator was created in the 80's as an adult Stonefly imitation. Over the years with variations of color, addition of legs etc. etc. this pattern has been used successfully to imitate hoppers, cicadas and other various terrestrials. It can also be used as a general attractor pattern and is ideal for dry/dropper type set ups.


Material List

Hook - TMC 2302

Hackle - Whiting Bugger Pack

Body/Thorax - Antron Dubbing

Wing - Bull Elk

Fly Fish Food - Project Cicada 0