La Fontaine's Dancing Caddis



Think you have seen every type of Caddis Dry Fly? Think again. Dave shows you how to tie a simple but unusual style....La Fontaine's Dancing Caddis.

Hook - Gamakatsu C16-B - #14 https://eastrosebudflyandtackle.com/products/gamakatsu-c16-b-crippled-emerger?variant=33313411367011

Thread - Uni-Thread 6/0 - Olive Dun https://eastrosebudflyandtackle.com/products/uni-thread?variant=8801327415395

Body - Snowshoe Rabbit Foot Dubbing - Brown Olive https://eastrosebudflyandtackle.com/products/snowshoe-rabbit-foot-dubbing?variant=39292828811363

Wing - All Purpose Deer Hair - Natural https://eastrosebudflyandtackle.com/products/all-purpose-deer-hair?variant=8759851712611

Hackle - Whiting Saddle - Barred Dark Ginger https://eastrosebudflyandtackle.com/products/full-bronze-cape-1?variant=8784609017955

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  • Nolan Robinson
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