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Letort Hopper Fly Tying Tutorial 0

In this fly tying tutorial Dave discusses the Letort Hopper and covers a bit of its background. Ed Shenk developed this killer little hopper back in the 60's. It is a proven hopper that has a delicate presentation which is very effective on spring creeks, sloughs and slow water areas.

Flashback Hares Ear Fly Tying Tutorial 0

The Hares Ear Nymph is a widely used pattern that can be tied in a ny number of variations. One of our top recommendations simply due to the fact that it can imitate such a wide variety of insects. The most common colors being natural, black, and olive in a size range going from #08 all the way down to size #16.

Beadhead Pheasant Tail Nymph Fly Tying Tutorial 0

If there ever was an "essential" nymph to have in your box, the Pheasant Tail would easily make the cut. Dave offers a step by step tutorial on how to tie the Pheasant tail. This is a great pattern that is commonly tied in sizes 12-20 and imitates a wide variety of insects.

Material List:

Hook - Fulling Mill 5080

Bead - Cyclops Bead

Tail - Pheasant Tail

Body - Pheasant Tail

Ribbing - Small Copper Wire

Thorax - Peacock Eye

Wingcase - Pheasant Tail 


Vanilla Bugger Fly Tying Tutorial 0

The Vanilla Bugger is a unique pattern developed by Mark Boname for the North Platte river in Wyoming. This is an incredible effective pattern that will prove useful on both freestone and tailwater applications.
Material List:
Hook - TMC 9395
Flash - Krystal Flash
Body - Cream Furry Foam

Snow Cone Midge Fly Tying Tutorial 0

Super simple pattern that is a staple in any stillwater box.
  • Beau Bolton
  • Tags: Nymphs

Twenty Incher Stonefly Fly Tying Tutorial 0

Dave demonstrates how to tie a 20 Incher Stonefly. Versatile pattern that is very effective on freestones. Can be tied in a wide range of sizes, most common being #10 through #14.

Material List

Thread - 6/0 Veevus

Hook - TMC 200R

Weight - .025 Lead Wire

Tail - Goose Biot

Ribbing - Uni Floss

Body - Peacock Eye

Back - Peacock Quill

Wing - Hungarian Partridge

Thorax - SLF Squirrel Dub

  • Beau Bolton
  • Tags: Nymphs